Server for a wide range of purposes

No matter whether you need a small VM from the cloud or prefer to claim an entire server for yourself, you will find the right offer with us.

Starting at

€ 3,90 / Month

Scalable HA SSD VPS

Adjust resources at any time according to own consumption. Hourly billing optional Available.

VPS SSD packages

Affordable packages with strong performance. Ideal for startups and upcoming projects.


Keep your applications available, launch and maintain your project with high availability.


2nd GEN AMD EPYC server processors


Registered ECC server RAM from Samsung


We exclusively use Samsung datacenter SSDs


Motherboards with a remote management interface


Intel network cards
2x 1 GBit/s LACP Shared


Spare parts are available for all components

Frequently asked questions

Are packaged or scalable KVM servers better for me?

This always depends on the scope of use of the server, among the scalable KVM servers can be at any time:

- CPU cores
- IP addresses
- SSD memory

be extended;

- CPU cores
- IP addresses

can then be cancelled again at any time.
(The booked SSD memory can be cancelled again only in the case of a reinstallation).

So the scalable servers are also a bit more expensive, as the booked power can be adjusted to the workloads on demand.
The KVM Server packages configurations can also be changed at any time between the following packages;

- ProServer S
- ProServer M
- ProServer L
- ProServer XL
- ProServer XXL

here the hard disk can be optionally increased, if this is the case the server can only be downgraded again by reinstallation.

Which operating systems are offered?

Currently, the following distributions can be set up automatically via the customer panel.

CentOS 7
CentOS 8
Debian Buster 10
Ubuntu Bionic 18.04
Ubuntu Focal Fossa 20.04

Other operating systems such as Windows Server, CentOS, Fedora, etc. can be set up manually via mounted ISO.

Can I upload and use my own ISO images?

This is possible on request, once your ISO image file has been maintained by us into the system,
you can mount and use the ISO at any time in any virtual server.

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