CEPH Cloud

With a hyper-converged virtualization environment, we are paying tribute to the generic term "software-defined storage".


In the event of a hardware failure, all data remains available at all times without intervention.


CEPH redistributes data during failures in such a way that a new failure can take place without any problems.

Live migration

Live migrations are now possible within seconds between our host systems.


Posix & QEMU/KVM compliant CEPH file system storage

Block storage

RADOS block memory usable for QEMU/KVM and libvirt

Object storage

Direct application access via Rados Gatway to object memory

Low latency

Thanks to DC SSDs and Intel NIC we achieve low access times

Plenty of power

All ODs can handle up to 90K operations every second

High bandwidth

We can handle peak data throughputs with ease

Frequently asked questions

Can my data be lost?

No, we offer daily backups and store all data redundantly.

Which SSDs from which manufacturers are used?

We only use low latency datacenter SSDs from Samsung in sizes from 980GB to 3.84TB.

What kind of network is used?

Our network consists of Intel X520-DA2 NIC and Arista 7050qx series switches.

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