Applications for alle purposes

With us you can use any services, from a simple game server to a database.

Starting at

€ 2,50 / Monthly

The smallest plans of our apps

We are happy to add other applications upon request.

Application Processor Memory SSD storage IPv4 address Monthly Learn more
MariaDB 1 Core 1 GB 10 GB 1 3,45 € Overview
PostgreSQL 1 Core 1 GB 10 GB 1 3,45 € Overview
MongoDB 1 Core 1 GB 10 GB 1 3,45 € Overview
Redis 1 Core 1 GB 10 GB 1 3,45 € Overview
Minecraft 2 Cores 1 GB 5 GB 1 2,50 € Overview
Rust 4 Cores 4 GB 35 GB 1 9,25 € Overview


2nd GEN AMD EPYC server processors


Registered ECC server RAM from Samsung


We exclusively use Samsung datacenter SSDs


Motherboards with a remote management interface


Intel network cards
2x 1 GBit/s LACP Shared


Spare parts are available for all components

Frequently asked questions

Can my data be lost?

No, we offer daily backups and store all data redundantly.

How many IOPS read / write operations per second are possible?

The read and write operations are limited to 5000 operations per second.

How much traffic am I allowed to generate?

For every one euro of monthly cost, 100 gigabytes of traffic are included; each additional gigabyte of traffic would be charged at one cent per gigabyte.

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