DDoS protection

Arbor Networks, Sightline

Up to 750 GBits/s

The DDoS protection can filter attacks with a bandwidth
of up to 750 GBit/s without "null routing".
This is realized via the carrier CDN77,
which is able to process large amounts of incoming traffic.

Filterable attack types

    Flood Attacks

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • DNS Amplification

    TCP Stack Attacks

  • SYN
  • FIN
  • RST
  • TCP Flags

    Fragmentation Attacks

  • Teardrop
  • Targa3
  • Jolt2
  • Nestea

    Application Attacks

  • HTTP GET floods
  • SIP Invite floods
  • DNS attacks

Many filter methods

When protecting against DDoS attacks, we focus on many filtering methods in equal measure, so we can offer a useful all-round protection.

Reserve capacities

Due to a very high overall connectivity, incoming DoS & DDoS traffic can be filtered on a very large scale without downtime.

Permanent Mitigation

The traffic is analyzed at any time, so in case of attacks, real-time filtering is realized within a few milliseconds.

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