The uplink

A good connection is the be-all and end-all for your project. A stable and good connection with plenty of bandwidth is almost unthinkable today. That's why you make a good choice with us as your partner and benefit in many ways from our location.

The advantages of our location

  • Redundant connection
  • High overall connectivity
  • Sufficient reserve capacity
  • Good DDoS protection
  • High availability
  • Low latency
  • Stable network
  • Renowned carriers
  • Connection with up to 40GBit/s
  • Over 1TBit/s total connection
  • Arbor network analysis
  • Only 1500 meters to DE-CIX

Renowned carriers

Thanks to our well-known carriers, we have good latency times and excellent connections throughout Europe.

High availability

Due to the many peering points and carriers, we can enjoy an availability of the network of over 99% per year.

DDoS protection

Even a DDoS attack will not be able to disrupt your Internet presence so quickly. Here you can learn more about our DDoS protection.

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