Rust hosting

Easy management and deployment of Rust Hosting.

Price overview

We are happy to add other applications upon request.

Package MemoryStorage IPv4 address Price Learn more
RUST-4gb4 GB RAM35 GB SSD1 9,25 €Next
RUST-5gb5 GB RAM35 GB SSD1 11,00 €Next
RUST-6gb6 GB RAM40 GB SSD1 12,75 €Next
RUST-7gb7 GB RAM40 GB SSD1 14,50 €Next
RUST-8gb8 GB RAM45 GB SSD1 16,25 €Next
RUST-9gb9 GB RAM45 GB SSD1 18,00 €Next
RUST-10gb10 GB RAM50 GB SSD1 19,75 €Next
RUST-11gb11 GB RAM50 GB SSD1 21,50 €Next
RUST-12gb12 GB RAM55 GB SSD1 23,25 €Next

Simple interface

  • Integrated web console
  • Highly available memory
  • DDoS protection and good connectivity
  • Available within seconds
  • Dedicated IPv4 address with default port

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